With classes for all ages , Adams Academy (AA) offers our students the opportunity to stay at the same Academy for their  academy career.
Adams Academy (AA) offers an all-through school which avoids the challenges of the difficult transition from primary to secondary school  as sometimes affecting student’s confidence, behaviour and academic achievement. These challenges will be avoided as our staff know pupils and their families well.
We believe that it is impossible to teach to high standards unless the teacher knows the students, both personally and academically. By keeping the academy within a reasonable number of students, we can create a community of students and teachers where no student is left behind. Teachers spend more time with each group of students, enabling us to create an environment in which students want to learn, achieve, and behave well. We know our students individually, and can meet the learning needs of every student.
High Aspirations for All – The choice to go to university:
Our vision is that every student at Adams Academy will achieve academic success and have the opportunity of attending university and succeeding in life. We believe that our students will work hard towards this goal if it is real to them.
Our aim of providing every single student with an amazing future requires hard work from teachers, students and parents. We instil high standards of effort and endeavour across our community by ensuring that:
Our committed teachers do their utmost to achieve success, acting as role models and demonstrating the rewards that hard work can bring.
We inspire our students to see the opportunities that learning will provide.
We celebrate students’ hard work with exciting trips and events.
Students and staff commit to the our Academy values and across the Academy, in lessons and extra-curricular activities, we work hard to align ourselves with the Academy’s values, which are:
  • Reflect
  • Endeavour
  • Aspire
  • Show Courage
  • Have Fun